Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome! (But be warned)

Welcome to my shiny new blog, ya'll!

Let me introduce myself. I am Michael. I'm a 20 year old college dropout living in rural Pennsylvania. In my spare time, which is all the time since I recently quit both of my shittastic jobs, I enjoy reading (everything), smoking (anything), and doing (no one). I am a gay man with a sometimes goofy, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes dry, but always funny and under-appreciated sense of humor. I love to write, and usually have quite a bit to say on almost any subject however ridiculous my input maybe considered, so I decided to start this blog. Because blogging on Myspace just wasn't cutting it.

In an ideal world I would be a sexy, sassy black woman living in Manhattan, or at least be BFFs with Naomi Campbell or Alfre Woodard. But, alas, I live in the middle of nowhere, in a town where livestock outnumber humans and the majority of citizens are 65+.

I have terrible luck with men, lottery tickets, cars, friends, computers, cell phones, family, pets, and self control. I long to live a life a leisure, and yet now that I am unemployed (even if my two jobs were working as a dishwasher at a half-assed restaurant and as a cashier at a redneck foodstore) I find myself teetering on the brink of insanity. Thank God I am fortunate enough to have the complete series' of Absolutely Fabulous, Sex and the City, The O.C., and The L Word within my reach otherwise I probably would have shaved my head bald and beaten an SUV with an umbrella by now.

In any case, I'm not sure how many people will ever really read this blog, but for those who do I am here to warn you that it may offend some. Often times I tend to be politically incorrect, snobby, or just downright mean. Pretty sure I'm always entertaining, though. At least that's what my therapist tells me. . .

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Allie said...

Oh, dear...I do love you :)
Hang in there!