Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm much better at taking things apart

So, clearly, I really suck at blogging. Or at least keeping up with it. Really, though, my life has been pretty uneventful since I last poured my heart out. Following is a list of my accomplishments:

  • Getting drunk and dressing up as Amy Winehouse

  • Getting high while dressed up as Amy Winehouse

  • Creating very convincing looking track marks while drunk and dressed as Amy Winehouse

  • Throwing up after getting drunk, high, and eating lots of bean dip while dressed as Amy Winehouse

  • Dancing to the extended version of 'Get Me Bodied' while drunk and dressed as Amy Winehouse

  • Vacuuming while dressed as myself *

That was all during Halloween, by the way. I wish I could dress as Amy Winehouse everyday, but I don't have enough narcotics to sustain the illusion.

In any case, after what feels like forever (nine months; I would suck at being pregnant), my family has finally started to get serious about moving. This means we've been cleaning the house for Christmas. That's really it, though.

Oh, there is one tiny thing: I got floor seats to Britney Spears' concert in March, which basically means I spent $500 and almost shit a few bricks. Now I only have to hope that Britney doesn't:

  • Break something

  • Crash into something

  • Get carried away on a stretcher again

Which is exactly why I bought insurance.

*I couldn't find a picture so you'll have to use your imagination.